Welcome to our fun online shopping site. Our partners include Amazon.com, Sony, etc, etc. which allows us bring you a variety of products for men, women,kids/baby/pets. Some people do have baby pets too hence we put them all together for now. Products include music & movie downloads, household appliances, clothing and shoes personal care products such as fragrances and perfumes, jewelry, contact lenses and many, many more products

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Part of the sales through this website will help children. 30% of profit will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children's fund. This site also sponsors other initiatives such as www.causes.com/ccfsa. Therefore only access amazon.com & other partner sites via this site. You will find links to many, many sites So, the more you shop via this site, the more of a difference it makes to those less fortunate children.

If a vendor does not deliver to your country, simply create a US forwarding address at www.myus.com.
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